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Week.ly 7

Welcome to Day 57 of the #FirstHundredDays of the Gospel According to Donald. It’s like revisionist history … but, like, in the present. A gift really, to armchair humorists and political satirists like myself … so I try to appreciate it for what it is. America’s true colors (and I use the term “color” very loosely). Nonetheless, The First Hundred Days was a term coined by F.D.R. (oh the irony) during a radio address in 1933. Although President Roosevelt was actually referring to the then 100 day session of the 73rd U.S. Congress rather than the first one hundred days of his administration’s first of four presidential terms. If you are masochistically curious as to how our dear man-child president is faring, check out this impartial (meaning one of the few news outlets the President has not directly called “Fake News”), international dashboard of promises kept and Tweets sent at The Guardian.

In the meantime, I want to steak a milestone in the ground in “celebration” of the president’s first month and a half or so…

I couldn’t decide so I made two. Maybe that makes me a “snowflake”? Yeup, a Black snowflake. It’s sort of like being a Black Russian. (beat).

Get it? – hb

100 Years War


Day 52

Since I pretty much don’t post the #DebutMeme until this goes up at Community Publishing (exclusivity rights), you can Twitter me which one YOU think I should Instagram @hakimbe. If get just one vote for #FirstHundredDays (the 1st one with the white background) or #Day52 (the 2nd one with the black background) then that’s the one I’ll go with. Let’s see who’s actually reading these blogs! 😉

And the rest of the week went like this…

Willy Wonka

Yeah kind of Religious

Politics and Religion

And then the news of Alec Baldwin calling it quits on his infamous trump impersonation

Dunal Trump

Oh, and I also saw Jordan Peel’e’s new movie Get Out. You should too. Especially if you are one of my white ex-girlfriends (in which case you are probably, definitely not reading this blog) … or their parents. 😉


See, ya next week!

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