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DJ Flo Fader – Life in the Fader

DJ Flo FaderDJ FLO FADER, aka Roscoe Price Floyd, was born in Savannah, GA. He was raised in the Northeast NJ and NYC. Roscoe’s musical influence was mostly from his step dad, Emanuel Louis Turner, who was the lead guitarist for a funk band called Electrified Funk.

In 1992, Flo Fader moved to Atlanta, GA and was introduced to turntablism by his friend Josh Winkler, aka DJ KLEVER. A year later, he returned to New Jersey. Roscoe had transformed himself to Flo Fader. Growing up with a Hip Hop background, the Northeast was the best place to absorb it all. Flo Fader analyzed DJs like Mr. Sinista, Roc Raida, Grandmaster Flash, Chuck Chillout, Marley Marl, and Q-bert for their arrangements in scratching, mixing, music selection, and presentation.

In 1998 DJ Flo Fader moved to the Bronx,NY to worked for Seven Heads Ent. as Head of College Radio Promotion. While working at Seven Heads Ent. Flo Fader met J-live and his DJ at the time DP-one. During a session DP-one asked Flo Fader if he’d like to take his place tour djing for J-live. Flo Fader agreed and became J-live’s tour DJ. Five years had past and Flo Fader went back to working the DJ circuit in Manhattan. He was then approached by Punchline of ,Punch n Words, about tour DJing for EMC. By the next month he was on tour with EMC. Masta Ace, a member of EMC then asked if he could work for him as his personal tour DJ Flo Fader excepted and toured with one of the most prolific MC’s to touch the mic. While on tour with J-live, EMC, and Masta Ace, Flo Fader toured the world in places such as: Croatia, Canada, Australia, Sweden, Denmark, Japan, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Iceland, Portugal, France, Holland, UAE, and Africa.

Here is a sample of DJ Flo Fader’s music production talents: Big Hop 77

DJ Flo Fader has contributed his talents to the multimedia children’s book, Samuel Story (written by Hakim Bellamy, Illustrations by Melvin Mayes). DJ Flo Fader is currently the subject of a multimedia book project that will bring his biography to life through his music, photography (Alex Lopez), and literature (Alex Paramo): The Grand Fantastic Life of Flo Fader will be published in the Fall, 2014 by Community Publishing.

DJ Flo Fader is currently living in Albuquerque, NM and DJ’s at Burts Tiki lounge, Imbibe Cigar Bar, Ojos Locos, Envy Nightlife, Club Warehouse, and Nob Hill Bar & Grill. He also teaches DJ 101 Classes at the Bosque Private School and is a mentor at Warehouse 508. He has taught DJ 101 in NYC Public Schools as well.

Albuquerque VENUES: One UP Lounge, The library, Kasa, Q-Bar, Nob Hill Bar and Grill, Imbibe, Olive Lounge, University of New Mexico, Burt’s Tiki Lounge, Sauce and Raw, BlackBird, ABQ Press Club, Lotus Night Club, State Fair Grounds, Hip-Hop Congress, ABQ Pride 2009,2010,2011

New York City VENUES: Sin Sin bar, Bar-B, Bob, Stingy Lu Lu’s bar, B.B. Kings, SOB’s, Nokia Theatre Center, The Apollo Theatre, NOCA, The W, The Makor, The Hole, Open Air, Apt, M-bar, Lime Light now Avalon, Cheetah, Orchard bar, Club Bed, Pre-Post, Novo,The Knitting Factory, Club 11, Number 1 Chinese, Lotus, Club Shine, Club Spa

US cities: LA; San Jose; San Francisco; Cannes, San Diego; Humbolt, CA; ATL; VA; Raleigh, NC; SC; Miami, FL; Rye, NH; Boulder; Denver, CO; Albuquerque, NM; UNM; Santa Fe; Washington DC, Burlington,VT; St Louis, MI; Seattle, WA; Houston; Dallas; Austin, TX; Albuquerque,NM

Countries: Croatia; Mexico City, Mexico; Monterey, Mexico; Canada:Vancouver, Montreal, Calgary, Toronto, Victoria, and Ottawa; Australia: Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, and Adelade; Sweden, Denmark; Tokyo, Japan; Germany: Munster, Berlin, and Hamburg; Austria: Graz and Vienna; Switzerland: Zurich and Beil; Recklivtich, Iceland; Porto, Portugal; France: Paris and Rennes; Amsterdam, Holland; UAE: Abu Dahbi, Doha, Bahrim and Dubai; Africa: Cape-Town and Johannesburg.

Special thanks to Kent Black and HighDefEntertainment | AffinityMusicGroup for their professional audio and video production.

DJ Flo Fader is currently the subject of a multimedia eBook project that will bring his biography to life through music, photography, and literatureThe Grand Fantastic Life of Flo Fader will be published in the Fall, 2014 by Community Publishing.

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