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Music Video

Take Me Away – Reviva Music Video

Award winning author Marisol Paramo stars in Reviva’s video “Take Me Away.” “Take Me Away” paints a real-life picture of a young girl who loses her family because of immigration policies in place in our country. 1.9 million DACA recipients live in America and contribute to the economy and society as teachers, doctors, laborers and military personnel. Reviva’s hope is that by sharing this song and video, it will highlight how these families are adversely affected and the need to take immediate action on their behalf. Congress must take action to protect these young men, women and children, in the spirit of diversity and equality upon which this country was built.

Marisol was born and raised in Albuquerque, NM. Marisol is an enrolled member of the Navajo (Diné) Nation (Native American). She is also of New Mexican Hispanic and Colombian American descent. Marisol wrote Bella The Caterpillar at the age of 7. She studies the Violin, and loves to sing. She performed with the Albuquerque Public Schools Honor Choir in 2017. Marisol loves to draw, paint and conduct science experiments. Her goals are to continue writing, while pursuing a career in Singing and Science.

​Bella The Caterpillar

The New Mexico-Arizona Children’s Book of the Year, Bella The Caterpillar is narrated in English and Spanish by recording artist Raquel Z. Rivera. Bella The Caterpillar is a wonderful coming of age tale utilizing the vocal talents of 5 child actors. This book is available in print and digital formats visit for more info.

Set in a tropical backyard, the soundtrack, composed by Christian Orellana, contains tropical rhythms. Mr. Orellana featured the talents of Harpist Dave Hoover, Bassist Gilbert “Ad Lib” Uribe, vocalist Carrie-Ann Maes and Audio Engineer/Musician/Actor Nick “Furious” Myers of FuriouStylz Entertainment. Regardless of a child’s reading level, they will enjoy this brightly colored story about a caterpillar wondering about her future within her present circumstances!. More info by clicking here.


Sign up for our mailing list at for release dates, giveaways and more!! #DiversityInChildrensBooks. Community Publishing brings local artists of all mediums together in creative collaborations for distribution as Multimedia Books while promoting literacy in our communities.

The Nob Hill Growers Market: Arts in the Park

Arts in the Park by Alex Paramo

Arts in the ParkThe idea of helping to support local arts while promoting literacy was sparked after a meeting with one of the giant publishing house out of my hometown, NYC. Their “offer” to me as the Author of my bilingual-multimedia Children’s Book, Princess Marisol & the Moon Thieves, was roughly a drop more than an insult (5%) and better than nothing: or so I thought. In my mind the top-down approach, where a big publishing house would distribute my books everywhere seemed like the logical path to proceed. After conversations with Co-Founder Yvette Sandoval, and Music Director Matias Pizarro, it was decided that we would do it ourselves and Community Publishing was born!

Multimedia Children’s Books

On the BookshelfCommunity Publishing now has 3 multimedia children’s books published and are weeks away from our 4, Janie & the Hummingbird. We have several more multimedia children’s books planned for 2016 and a non-children’s book production run, including the long-anticipated Grand Fantastic Life of DJ Flo Fader for 2017. Our books are produced by a team of community folks including Authors, Music Directors, Audio Engineers, Voice Actors, Animators, Illustrators, Graphic Editors, and Translators.

Utilizing the multiple-media promotions approach, Community Publishing has a following locally, coast to coast, and internationally. In my opinion though, nothing can replace the good ole’ fashioned face to face approach. When I read my books to kids, I see their faces light up with excitement, and hearts fill up with motivation! It is with that in mind that we have teamed up with the ABC Library (Albuquerque/Bernalillo County) and the Nob Hill Growers Market to bring Children’s Books at the Park.


Art in the ParkChildren’s Books at the Park will feature Local Authors and personalities reading children’s books provided by Community Publishing and the ABC Library. Additionally local musicians will be on hand to play and local artists will be on hand to lead the children in coloring activities (when applicable).

Art in the ParkThe Nob Hill Growers Market is a lovely open-air market on Thursday evenings from late Spring to early autumn, from 3-6:30 pm at Morningside Park on Lead & Morningside SE. Depending on the time of year, you’ll find a variety of fresh vegetables, seasonal fruit, local butter, honey, eggs, French breads and pastries, and often gluten-free pastries and cool drinks and popsicles. Locals and visitors alike enjoy our friendly vendors, frequent musical guests, and our park setting with plenty of shade and a fun playground. They accept accept Debit/EBT, WIC, and Senior Nutrition vouchers!.

Alex Paramo Community Publishing

Alex Paramo

Alex Paramo is a native New Yorker of Colombian descent. He is an Author and Co-Founder of Community Publishing. He currently resides in Albuquerque, NM. Read More about him here.

Community Publishing brings local artists of all mediums together in creative collaborations for distribution as Multimedia Books while promoting literacy in our CP Logo Finalcommunities. We are proud to be a community partner and digital marketer at the Rail Yards Market and the Monte Vista Fire Station. Need help with your web presence and social media marketing? Click here to find out how we can help you!

Indigenous Arts Experience


I Am REZILIENCE by Alex Paramo

  • the ability of a substance or object to spring back into shape; elasticity.
    “nylon is excellent in wearability and resilience”
  • the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness.
    “the often remarkable resilience of so many Native American Nations”

In our everyday discourse it is estimated that on the average women speak 20,000 words a day compared to 7,000 for men. How many times we utter the word resilience probably depends on the who, when and what of our daily lives. In a world of conotations, condemnations and confirmations what does that word really mean?

What is ResilienceFor me Resilience means persevering through struggles. I was born and raised in NYC. I was lucky to have a mom that loved me and my brothers enough to work several jobs after my father left. It wasn’t easy and it involved many sacrifices but she preserved and gave us the opportunities she did not have. My mom comes from a long line of resilient people. A mestiza descendent of the Muisca/Chibcha people of central Colombia who survive today and are reclaiming their autonomy. For me, my mom is REZILIENCE.

“An unprecedented movement in Indigenous communities has arisen. It moves people to recover cultural memory, celebrate survival, and honor our ancestors. This generation is building that movement and we rise like water to quench the thirst for stories, demanding to be felt through song, dance, paint on canvas, and pen upon paper.

We come together to declare the REZILIENCE that has always been within us.

REZILIENCE will be a living, creative environment that bridges cultural knowledge with modern art-making processes. This immersive environment will entice all senses with vibrant visuals, stage performances, live art creations, hands-on activities, positive vibes and mind stimulating experiences. More than 100 Indigenous artists and art related professionals from the U.S. Canada and Mexico will be present for this full day event to share their talents, skills and knowledge in 8 creative arenas; including academics, poetry, music, wellness and visual arts. #LiveYourRezilience”

The REZILIENCE Indigenous Arts Experience will feature many local, regional, national and international artists of all mediums. Please consider donating to this wonderful cause and be a part of the REZILIENCE movement!

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Alex Paramo Summer SolsticeAlex Paramo is a native New Yorker of Colombian descent. He is an Author and Co-Founder of Community Publishing. He currently resides in Albuquerque, NM. Read More about him here.

We are proud to be a community partner and digital marketer at the Rail Yards Market and the Monte Vista Fire Station. Need help with your web presence and social media marketing? Click here to find out how we can help you! 
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