Satire From the Mind, Memes and Musings of Hakim Bellamy 6

Hey gang! I was out of pocket last week. Week 2 of a two week Reel Fathers Fathers In Focus intensive at Capital High School in Santa Fe. Worked with over 400 Freshman over the course of two weeks to put together a show at the Lensic composed of stories and poems they created about their fathers (good, bad and ugly) and the kind of fathers they want to be and see in society. It was a two week mediation on a topic our communities rarely discuss unless we are bemoaning the fact that there is a crisis of father engagement in this country. So, my peeps at Reel Fathers decided to do something about it. As a result, if you follow me on Instagram and

Political Satire

Twitter you saw fewer poly-sci memes from me and more “non-partisan” memes like this…

You can follow Reel Fathers to see other memes in this #FathersInFocus series (including our #PaperAirplanes & #WishingWell series) @ReelFathers on Twitter and Instagram. And it goes without saying that my content creation for that contract is firewalled from my usual politics at my personal social media outlets … all views expressed are my own …my opinions do not reflect the views of Reel Fathers … etc. etc. #LegalEASE

Enough with the excuses … now back to your regularly scheduled program… This! Ahhhh, ummmm Russia? If it seems like there is more on your boob tube about Russia than about the United States … don’t be alarmed … this administration’s foreign policy has finally consummated our marriage to Russia by way “unconventional” diplomacy. Think “common law,” we may or may not have engaged in sexual relations with that country (shout out to the #GoldenShower) … but, ya know, if the ring fits … wear it out. We now seem to be the U.S.S.S. R. (United States of Soviet Socialist Republics) … at least they got to keep their maiden name. That was nice of U.S. 😉

Anyways, all the memes I got for you this week are about Russia … because my civic duty is civic disobedience, I suppose…and all the good Grammy’s meme’s were taken. 😉 ’Til next

Political Satire friends…stay thirsty! – hb



And this happened


…so then this had to happen…



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