Our Community Members

Community Publishing’s creative collaborators also contribute their thoughts on everything from the creative process to everyday life. We feature blog entries by our co-founders Alex Paramo (Concept Designer, Author, Web Designer, Graphic Artist, Copy Editor) and Yvette Sandoval’s  (Concept Designer, Graphic Artist, Copy Editor). We also bring you blog entries by our eclectic group of ever-expanding community of bloggers who are also creative collaborators representing all the mediums and fields of art:

Current bloggers 

Alex Paramo’s Blog
Yvette Sandoval’s – Daydreams of a Dog
Acey May’s – Acey’s Doodley Adventures 
A.J Roché – Pinpricks of a Busy Bee
Keith Sanchez and Ana Romero Sanchez – A Collection of Human Noise 
Sebastian Pais – Director for Latin American and Bilingual Initiatives 
as well as guest blogs from our many collaborators such as:

Hakim Bellamy (Author, Poet, Musician, MC) 
Alayna Roché (Author) 
Audrey McNamara (Artist, Illustrator)
Acey May (Artist, Illustrator) 
Jose Chelo Nunez (Artist, Illustrator) 
Keith Sanchez (Musician) 
Jackie Zamora (Musician, Narrator) 
Matias Pizarro (Musician, Translator)
Juan Ramirez (Musician) 
Christian Orellana (Musician)
Corrin Cameron (Musician) 
Roscoe Floyd aka DJ Flo Fader (Musician, Producer) 
Nick Fury (Musician, MC, Audio Engineer, Producer)
Alex Lopez (Photographer) 
Jozi De Leon (Educational Consultant)
Sebastian Pais (Translator)
Gabriela Cabanilla Cordovez (Narrator)
Marco Ruiz (Audio Engineer)
Cesar Mejia (Audio Engineer)
Fidel Gonzalez (Audio Engineer)
James Roden (Audio Engineer)