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Dave Weirdly

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Dave Weirdly

Dave Weirdly is from Chicago, Illinois. He started drawing
at a very early age, like most of us. He is the Founder, and Creator of Weirdly’s Comics.

Unlike most of us he never stopped. He had a passion for making up characters and putting them in odd situations. Creating Comics seemed to fit his interests.

Read his Weirdly’s World Blog Series here.

Dave’s Words

“In my early adult life comics didn’t fit. I lacked the patience to do a long sequential story. So I moved on to other artistic endeavors.”

Dave did some commercial work in Ohio with the highlight being a toy series called Squat Bots. Chicago, was where Dave was exposed to the fine arts. He made wood constructions for sale through galleries and his personal studio. According to Dave, “they kind of looked like weird puppet shows or shooting galleries, or both.”

Dave fell back to comics when his constructions became even more narrative. Dave found drawing comics put him in a zen like state. Dave states that, “I now had the patience I lacked before.”

Dave currently has 3 graphic novels being serialized at http://weirdlycomics.com

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