Alex Paramo

Alex Paramo
Alex Paramo was born and raised in Queens, 823379_473084942758252_1781324372_oNYC. His parents are originally from Colombia, South America. At the age of 8 Alex developed an interest in the media, watching national network news and reading the NY Times. He earned his Bachelor’s degree in Anthropology and History from Queens College, City University of New York. After graduating from college, Alex moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico and attended the University of New Mexico. There he studied Counseling and History at the graduate level.

Alex currently resides in Albuquerque with his young daughter Marisol and his partner, Yvette Sandoval. Alex and Marisol spend their times crafting stories from their imagination while incorporating aspects of the world around them.

Alex Paramo is the Author of Princess Marisol & the Moon Thieves, a bilingual multimedia Children’s book available in digital and print format by visiting here. Alex is the co-founder and co-owner (along with Yvette Sandoval) of Community Publishing. Community Publishing is dedicated to creating virtual space for community based artists of all media (writers, painters, photographers, musicians, etc…) to collaborate on multimedia eBook projects with the purpose of promoting their work. Unlike traditional publishers, Community Publishing uses a “ground up” approach which emphasizes an all-encompassing collaborative method. Community Publishing‘s projects also serve the function of promoting literacy in our communities.

Mariposa Music and Reviva

In 2017 Alex Founded the music fundraising company Mariposa Music. Mariposa Music strives to change the world one song at a time. In the same year Alex was offered and accepted the job as Manager of the Desert Rock/Reggae band Reviva. Reviva has a long history of community work and advocacy, having traveled on a Fulbright Scholarship to work in Nicaragua to preserve Music and Cultural Heritage.

Indigenous Grafix Digital Marketing


Rail Yards Market LogoAlex is the co-founder of and co-owner (along with Michael Garcia) of Indigenous Grafix, a web design company that specializes in working with start-up community based companies. Additionally, Alex is currently the Marketing Director at the Rail Yards Market. Alex also works at the University of New Mexico as a web designer and social media consultant

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