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From the imagination of 7 year old Marisol Paramo, the creative talents of Lead Illustrator Acey May, contributing illustrations by Ms. Paramo and Music from recording artist ChristianO’s Concepto Tambor, comes a bilingual, multimedia children’s story: Bella the Caterpillar. Narrated in English and Spanish by recording artist  Raquel Z. Rivera, this is a wonderful coming of age tale utilizing the vocal talents of 5 child actors. This book will be available in print and digital formats, get your pre-sale order in today and save!

Set in a tropical backyard, the soundtrack, composed by Christian Orellana, contains tropical rhythms. Mr. Orellana featured the talents of Harpist Dave Hoover, Bassist Gilbert “Ad Lib” Uribe, vocalist Carrie-Ann Maes and Audio Engineer/Musician/Actor Nick “Furious” Myers of FuriouStylz Entertainment.

Come follow Bella as she meets her insect friends and poses the age-old question, “what will I be when I grow up!” This book will be available in print and digital formats, get your pre-sale order in today and save! Scheduled release date is April 8, 2017, Noon to 3 at the FUSION Forum of the Cell Theatre campus.

“Author Marisol Paramo was 7 years-old when she penned Bella to life. Paramo creates a world within her story where questions are welcome, beauty is abundant and transformation (spoiler alert) is encouraged. In the very first sentence of her story we meet a caterpillar named “Bella.” Immediately, we are drawn to Paramo’s freshness of perspective. Challenging the existing notion that caterpillars are not beautiful until they become butterflies. From the very beginning, Paramo acknowledges the inherent value of her 16-legged protagonist … while foreshadowing Bella’s eventual metamorphosis.

As a dad, I’ve read my fair share of children’s books and I can say with some certainty that there are a significant number of adult children’s book authors who don’t execute the foreshadow with as much skill. And that’s just the beginning. Bella finds friends along the way. Friends who are different. Friends whose differences Bella admires. Friends who are a reflection of all the things Bella wants to be. Friends who are open to Bella’s questions, because they know that the more she inquires about them results in her learning more about herself. The optimism and innocence of this world view, should be encouraging to parents and inspiring to children at a time in our country where difference is slowly becoming persecuted in-stead of celebrated. Paramo’s values shine through in her extended metaphor of a beautiful young girl … who happens to be a published author … finding her wings”. – Hakim Bellamy – Author, Albuquerque’s Inaugural Poet Laureate, Dad

Marisol Paramo was born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Marisol is an enrolled memeber of the Navajo (Diné) Nation. She is also of New Mexico Hispanic and Colombian American descent. Marisol wrote Bella The Caterpillar at the age of 7. She studies the violin, and loves to sing. She performed with the Albuquerque Public Schools Honor Choir in 2017. Marisol also loves to draw, paint and conduct science experiments. Her goals are to continue writing, while pursuing a career in singing and science.

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