Community Publishing

At Community Publishing our passion is to bring artists of all mediums together in collaborative projects for Multimedia Publishing. Our objective is to provide artists with a global platform, promote artists within their community and build relationships among artists while supporting local talent. We are committed to promoting literacy and the arts through our Multimedia Books. All of our Multimedia Books are available in print and digital formats, are in English and Spanish and contain educational components to stimulate the imagination of our readers.

What are Multimedia Books?

multimedia eBookSometimes referred to as an Enhanced Books, a Multimedia Book contains multimedia elements such as but not limited to: audio, video, illustrations, photographs, literature to name a few. They allow for creative collaborations among artists of all mediums. Some interactivity is found such as: clickable links, hyperlinks, some animated elements. Multimedia Books allow for multisensory learning which is at the forefront in the development of new learning methodology and technology. We also offer print versions of our books. The print versions preserve the multimedia audio elements through the use of a QR Code.

What makes us Different?

We are locally based and committed to community building and our community members. Unlike most other publishers, everything we do is a true collaborative effort beginning from the ground up! Decisions are made together, royaltiesShop Local are shared equally and all artistic rights are reserved. When you purchase one of our multimedia eBooks, you are contributing to the local economy. We use locally based talent for all of our projects. Our creative collaborators are our community members just like you! Additionally, we spend countless hours presenting our multimedia eBooks at Public Schools, Charter Schools and Community Centers in an effort to expose people from all sectors of the community to multimedia eBooks and the technology used in making them. 

What we do?

We develop creative concepts by bringing together artists of all mediums in creative collaborations. Our team moves forward and we publish these collaborative projects as multimedia books in both digital and print formats. 

Digital Marketing

color-indigenous-grafix-logoCommunity Publishing has launched its Digital Marketing Division, Indigenous Grafix, which specializes in creating a customized affordable internet presence for small and start-up companies. Internet presence includes: Website, Optimized SEO, Content Consultation, Maintenance, Social Media Marketing and Cross-Promotional activities including Social Media, traditional press and blogging. Please click here for more information. We drive traffic to your website through our multiple-media approach which includes our multi-author blog platform, video blogs (vlogs), TV and Radio, and customized social media platform customization.

About Us

Community Publishing (CP) LLC., was founded by Alex Paramo and Yvette Sandoval in June 2013. In April 2014, Sebastian Pais was named as the Director for Latin American & Bilingual Initiatives. The impetus behind the founding of CP was threefold:

  • To promote literacy among children/adults utilizing multimedia technology
  • To create collaborative space for local artists of all mediums – illustrators, poets, musicians, writers…
  • To promote local business by utilizing the services of community-based businesses at-large (audio engineers, photographers, printers…)
Alex Paramo Community Publishing

Alex Paramo