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Week.ly 8

Greetings Earthlings! I’ve been a little light on meme’s this week …what with so much going on last week in healthcare, Supreme Court justice nominations and … oh, I don’t know, Russia … I’ve been spending so much time trying to follow I could barely come up for air (like one Denis Voronenkov … look him up… *shrug*). Nonetheless, there we a few meme-worthy events (though I really need to come up with something good for Gorsuch-n-such…) and one I recycled because, well, Comey. Then, there was the whole thing about Devin Nunes, and Nunes thinking he saw evidence of surveillance on the Trump campaign, and then thinking he can’t really remember if he saw evidence of surveillance on the Trump campaign … and he is the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee mind you … but he can’t remember … ’til after he says he absolutely saw the evidence. It’s, quite frankly, too much bullshit to meme. So, we’re light this week, here’s the best I could do. Ladies and gentlemen, Dikembe Mutombo. – hb

#Muslim Ban


#DidAnyOneElseAppreciateTheIronyThatTheHAWAIIANJudgeBlockedBanNumberTwo ???

Art of the Deal

#ACA #ACHA #Trumpcare #Ryancare #Congress #PartOfTheDeal #IAmJustABill #SchoolHouseRocks #Presidenting101 #AdultingIsHard

James Comey

…brought this one back for #ComeyUsedToBeMyHomie because he’s proven to be a nonpartisan “party” pooper: Clinton server claims hours before the election and bombshell after bombshell on the Trump-Russia investigation and the lack of “wiretapping” evidence (more on “wiretapping” later…. 😉

… experimenting with less text … and more air quotes. 😉 #SeanSpicer @PressSec

See ya next week! I hope

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Hakim Bellamy

Hakim Bellamy

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