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Another week in the books for El Presidente. And sadly for him, and U.S., the job only  increases in level of difficulty over time. It’s all uphill skiing from here, if ya know what I mean. And because my meme/blog digest is so topical (read: political) it is hard to write about anything else … like staring at a train wreck and slowing traffic going in the opposite direction to a crawl while you a rubbernecking at the carnage. Ahhh, America! I kind of feel like the underfunded bootleg cousin of Democracy Now! with their “the war and peace report” tagline they been wearing since 9/11. Maybe I should call mine the Rogue One Register or the Daily Death Star (a lil’ postmodern Garveyism influence). Maybe I am pushing the Star Wars theme/meme too hard in this week’s installment, but with the new “allegations” (my air quotes game is still strong from last week) against Blackwater founder Erik Prince (AKA Brother of Betsy) and his engagement with Russia on behalf of the Trump campaign … we’ll who wouldn’t find a little Imperial humor a wee bit charming?

So we re-introduced you to Blackwater (and you though the Iraq War would be the last you’d hear of them and Halliburton, no such luck!), got a shoutout from Reince Priebus on our “Shut Up & Govern” tweet post-mortem the failed Affordable Care Act Repeal, and we brought in some #RealHistory to pair with our #RealNews by way of Polybius, Greek Historian from the Hellenistic Period, who dropped a few jewels on the not-so- thin line between monarchies, aristocracies and democracies. Teeing up your debut meme of the day! – hb


Shut Up and Govern

Then there was that one time, Reince Priebus told the D.C. GOP to shut up and govern like two days after I did on Twitter. I’m just sayin’…


And then, the President’s staff also boycotted the White House Correspondents Dinner in an act of fear, ummmm, I mean “solidarity.”

Political Satire

But even I get tired of 24/7 news cycles in this particular political climate … so I mixed it up this week with some social commentary on institutional silence against Black male bodies (you know, light reading and all…) and Chuck Taylors, ‘cause … just because.

Thank you to everyone who came out to the two sold out performances of Hands Up: &;
Playwrights, 7 Testaments that I acted in this past weekend at Tricklock Company’s Revolutions International Theater Festival.

And, mein kampf … you know what I mean. #MyStruggle
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Hakim Bellamy

Hakim Bellamy

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