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Take Me Away – Reviva Music Video

Award winning author Marisol Paramo stars in Reviva’s video “Take Me Away.” “Take Me Away” paints a real-life picture of a young girl who loses her family because of immigration policies in place in our country. 1.9 million DACA recipients live in America and contribute to the economy and society as teachers, doctors, laborers and military personnel. Reviva’s hope is that by sharing this song and video, it will highlight how these families are adversely affected and the need to take immediate action on their behalf. Congress must take action to protect these young men, women and children, in the spirit of diversity and equality upon which this country was built.

Marisol was born and raised in Albuquerque, NM. Marisol is an enrolled member of the Navajo (Diné) Nation (Native American). She is also of New Mexican Hispanic and Colombian American descent. Marisol wrote Bella The Caterpillar at the age of 7. She studies the Violin, and loves to sing. She performed with the Albuquerque Public Schools Honor Choir in 2017. Marisol loves to draw, paint and conduct science experiments. Her goals are to continue writing, while pursuing a career in Singing and Science.

​Bella The Caterpillar

The New Mexico-Arizona Children’s Book of the Year, Bella The Caterpillar is narrated in English and Spanish by recording artist Raquel Z. Rivera. Bella The Caterpillar is a wonderful coming of age tale utilizing the vocal talents of 5 child actors. This book is available in print and digital formats visit for more info.

Set in a tropical backyard, the soundtrack, composed by Christian Orellana, contains tropical rhythms. Mr. Orellana featured the talents of Harpist Dave Hoover, Bassist Gilbert “Ad Lib” Uribe, vocalist Carrie-Ann Maes and Audio Engineer/Musician/Actor Nick “Furious” Myers of FuriouStylz Entertainment. Regardless of a child’s reading level, they will enjoy this brightly colored story about a caterpillar wondering about her future within her present circumstances!. More info by clicking here.


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