Welcome to our multiple-media page. This page features a small sample of the pictures, illustrations, videos, audio and all types of graphics that we employ to promote your business and the businesses of our clients.


The legendary New Mexico band, Stoic Frame sat down to talk with FUSION Theatre Company‘s Dennis Gromelski, Host of the District Podcast, during their reunion tour, Stoic Frame discussed their roots, the forming of the band and the benefit shows for the New Mexico Academy of Rock & Blues. that brought them together. If you would like more information or to donate please email Keith Sanchez at Listen here:


Our latest video from the Grand Fantastic Life of DJ Flo Fader, our blogger and creative collaborator DJ Flo Fader breaking down the art of Music Production. Check it out, comment, like, follow and all that:

Multimedia YouTube

From our YouTube Channel we bring you the English preview to our bilingual multimedia children’s eBook, Princess Marisol & the Moon Thieves. For more info and to purchase please click here.

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Traditional Media

Shopping local (from your friends and neighbors) benefits you, your family and the community in general. Keep up with your local artists at Community Publishing by hitting the Subscribe Button on the top right hand corner of this page.

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