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In an effort to try and not put the burden of Señor Trump’s face repeatedly in front of the American cybersphere … of course, without ever missing an opportunity to put critique squarely where it belongs … today we offer as our Friday Premier Meme … a moment of reflection on Black History … couched in the Congressional censor of Senator Elizabeth Warren and Trump’s non surprising comments (considering his notorious candor with Billy Bush) from a little over a week ago that he likes his lady staffers to (quote) “Dress like a woman.”

Introducing Ruby Bridges, who at six years old was escorted by U.S. Marshal’s on November 14, 1960 as she bravely followed a court order to integrate the all-white William Frantz Elementary School in Louisiana. Happy Black History Month…and you’re welcome. 😉 – hb


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And from earlier this week…

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and a bonus throwback meme from a year ago… (because I was going for the Falcons!)

If the politics didn’t bring all the haters to the yard … this jab at the current Super Bowl Champs will surely have’s come a running. Because American sometimes care more about Patriots than than being patriots (read: participatory democracy … which can also be a full-contact sport).
​​​​​​​​​​​​- hb

Week.ly 3

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Hakim Bellamy

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