Music for Your Mind and Body

Music for Your Mind by Alex Paramo

Music for Your MindMusic, Literature, Art: we all know how wonderful the arts make our lives, the lives of our families, friends and community members.

Check out these amazing benefits music has on our health (found in an article by Jill Suttle at the Huffington Post,):

  • Music reduces stress/anxiety
  • Music decreases pain
  • Music improves immune functioning
  • Music Aids Memory
  • Music helps us exercise

Music also helps in brain as documented in this PBS article:

  • Increased IQ
  • Brain Works Harder
  • Spatial-Temporal Skills
  • Higher Test Scores

Cutting the Future

Music programs in our schools are being cut at a steady and scary pace. Unfortunately this trend does not show any sign of waning. I am confounded by the lack of foresight from our public administrators, leaders and decision-makers. If education of our children is the stated goal, why aren’t studies showing the incredible benefits of music education taken into greater consideration when decision about program cuts are being made? Could it be that our paradigms of education are outdated and obsolete?

Music Instruction is for Everyone

Investing in the FutureDuring these challenging times, parents often turn to outside arts education programs to augment their child’s education. Many of these programs are very expensive and out of the reach of working class folks The New Mexico Academy of Rock & Blues (NMARB) was founded on the principle that music (instruction) is for everyone. Under the direction of visionaries Keith and Ana Sanchez, they have assembled an all-star cast including singer-songwriter Keith Sanchez, percussionist Ragon Espinoza, Guitarist/Bassist Glenn Buddha Benavidez, Elizabeth Marie Berry, Vocals/Guitar/Ukulele, Brian Shonerd, Piano and a plethora of guest instructors. Fin;d more information about the NMARB here.

Investing in the Future

The NMARB provides lessons in not only instrument performance but also in songwriting, and poetry. Of course in our current economic reality programs of this nature are expensive to operate.

To ameliorate costs, the NMARB will be holding its annual fundraiser Saturday May 27 at Rio Bravo Brewery in Albuquerque New Mexico. On the bill include the Big Spank, Red Light Cameras, Keith Sanchez & the Moon Thieves and Le Chat Lunatique.

The event will also include live art and vendors! Please check out the event page and consider donating/investing in the future.


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Alex Paramo

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