Fiona the Funkadelic Freckle Fairy

headerFtFFF-Title-PageCommunity Publishing proudly presents Fiona the Funkadelic Freckle Fairy, the ultimate, super sensory, multimedia book for children of all ages! Available in both print and digital formats.

In this bilingual multimedia book, a child inquires about the appearance of her freckles and their origin for the first time. Join author A.J. Roché as her rhythmic prose blends fairy-tale and reality in this delightful children’s myth. Narrated in both English and Spanish, this story includes the beautiful illustrations of the immensely talented Audrey McNamara (illustrator of the bilingual multimedia book, Princess Marisol & the Moon Thieves and artistic contributions by Acey May. Fiona the Funkadelic Freckle Fairy is available in digital and Print versions.

This entertaining multimedia book includes a hands-on educational component that emphasizes our solar system, constellations and 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade vocabulary words. The educational component also comes in both English and Spanish.

If you are a parent that has struggled with the notion of wanting your child to experience their childhood fully while at the same time teaching them about the science-filled world around them, this story is for you (and your child)!

Fiona the Funkadelic Freckle Fairy

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Narrated in English by A.J. Roché. Narrated in Spanish by Gabriela Cabanilla Cordovez. Sound effects created by Audio Engineer Nick “Furious” Meyers. Translated by Sebastian Pais.

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