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Free Art Friday: Art Eyes

Art Eyes by Stephanie Galloway

Ever since I started Free Art Friday Albuquerque I see the city I live in in a different way. As I explore the city I see the places I go to as art opportunities! Every space seems to hold the potential for leaving art Art Eyesin for someone to find. Bus stops, libraries, trees, park benches all start to look like places that could use more art.

Most public places I encounter now seem like good places to share art in. So it has made me more art minded and has me looking at the city I live in more positively and expand my ideas about where art belongs. Try sharing art in public spaces, you might learn something about your city that you didn’t already know!

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Unmatched Fire

Stephanie Galloway

Stephanie Galloway is from Santa Fe, New Mexico. She has been writing poetry since she was a child and still loves to explore the magic in words and their power to touch others deeply. She taught art to children as the Children Zone Leader of the Rail Yards Market and is the founder of Free Art Friday Albuquerque.
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