Through the Looking Glass: Reciprocation

Reciprocation: Healing the rift & working TOGETHER by Chessa Peak

Reciprocation. To me this words means to work with. It is the delicate art of allowing and receiving with grace, integrity, and emotional maturity. It is delicate patience and speaking from the heart. It is accountability for your actions and allowing others to speak their truth without critical judgment. It is being comfortable enough to speak your mind graciously and having your words be received the Lost and Foundwith respect and nurturing. It is the turning of the earth and receiving precious harvest. It is to work with. Sometimes it is hard work and you must know when to cut your losses to preserve self and soul. It should never get to that point of damage.

Reciprocation, I believe, is possible through the genuine and purest of love. So, for me, how have I seen reciprocation come to fruition? Through working with parallels. Parallels in those I love and have made a necessity in my world. Build from likeness with infinite kindness. It will get easier with practice, like any learned skill, all things take exercise and discipline to gain that greater knowledge.

The Lost and FoundParallels

Listen for the parallel frequencies in your life, you will hear them. These parallel frequencies are the songs emitted in the universe that bind us to our truest, happiest, and lasting gifts. I hope this small insight finds you in the most receptive state of mind and you may put it to use. May we grow together. Stay positive. Light and love, Chessa Peak
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Self Deception and self Actualization Chessa Peak has been in New Mexico since the age of 4 and is an honorary New Mexican. A bartender of over 10 years in the Duke City, musician, entrepreneur, and current student at CNM, Chessa is now currently working towards her own non-profit group that will support literacy, art and music programs for Albuquerque residents and her immediate community. Having come through a negative past, her writings deeply reflect the nature of her personal struggles in an attempt to help others overcome their personal battles.

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