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Praying for Peace

 Praying for Peace by Audrey McNamara

In times of so much trouble, when it seems like evil is so prevalent- winning even- it is important for us to remember that so many people are praying for peace.  prayer, meditation, manifestation, have sometimes been seen as moot efforts towards mammoth issues facing our planet today, but this, most personal, plea to the collective consciousness serves as the spark that could ignite the world.
The painting depicts an old native man that goes out every day by himself to pray for peace… before dawn he rises and without a word he gathers himself and goes out to the desert to burn sage and commune with ancestors.  no one sees him.  he gets no media attention.  but none could dissuade him the influence he casts upon reality.
I am reminded of a small group of Tibetan monks that used to venture down in to the rough and tumble of Albuquerque streets every few weeks from their refuge at the Jemez hot springs.  the quietest group you ever saw donning neon orange from head to toe.  and, what are they doing?  praying for the city.  some may chide, as i witnessed, but quickly sobered to the idea that these people ‘came to pray for us.’
We must take action, with confidence, knowing that so many are praying for peace.

Take heart!  good will prevail!


Illustrator Audrey McNamara

IllustratorIllustrator Audrey McNamara was born in Denver, Colorado in 1982. At a young age Audrey spent many hours at her drawing table expressing an interest and having a great talent for art. During her teenage years she won many school awards and continuously surprised her teachers. Audrey had her very first solo art exhibition in 2003 at Mutiny Now Gallery in Denver. Many more shows followed, as well as the chance to show her work in bookstores and coffee shops.


When Audrey became established as a freelance artist she enrolled into Denver’s Emily Griffith Institution of Vocation and Design. Her Education in fashion design helped mold the signature style Audrey’s art carries today. Audrey moved to Los Angeles, California in the beginning of 2009 to expand her networking and search for further opportunities. Audrey currently holds a curating position in Venice, California. On her spare time she travels around the United States with her art doing mostly illustration, street vending and murals.

Creative Collaborator

Audrey’s work for Community Publishing includes:






Princess Marisol & the Moon Thieves






Other Work


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