Alex Paramo

Poetry Corner: Fragments

Fragments by Alex Paramo


I’m fragmented ..
We are all fragments, mere laments and distress
We are all universally fragments of darkness
The universe is 68% dark-matter and 32% madness

I am a fragment ..
Trapped in the judgement
.. of the misunderstood
Through the cracks of what once was
and what will never be again
I remain hidden in that slow space
where the light kisses the night goodbye
and a new day of confusion unfurls ..

Fragments make up the world
Torments make up my memories
.. and shrapnel and cold steel are all I can feel
with pieces of pierced skin on my tongue ..
My heart lies quick, still ..
.. still ..
.. in shreds ..


Alex Paramo Summer SolsticeAlex Paramo is a native New Yorker of Colombian descent. He is an Author and Co-Founder of Community Publishing. He currently resides in Albuquerque, NM. Read More about him here.

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One thought on “Poetry Corner: Fragments

  1. Colleen Elvidge

    We are merely fragments of this world…a speck of energy in this moment of madness in time…

    Beautiful Alex!! I really enjoyed reading! 😁


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