Free Art Friday: From the Ordinary to the Extraordinary

Art Delivers Us From the Ordinary To The Extraordinary
by Stephanie Galloway

Art making is one of those activities that gives us the ability to observe our daily life experiences and see how they are connected to the bigger picture that makes up the entire Universe. Much like the act of looking at the night sky or the grand beauty of nature lets us Stephanie Gallowayrealize that creation is not only about our little corner of the world but is part of a vast existence.

Art is a way for us to convey and understand the feelings connected with knowing that we are part of something that is infinite! This is why at times when we see a work of art it can give us the same sensation and wonder that seeing the Grand Canyon does. When we do art we can step out of the illusion that we are just defined by the small space we occupy and know that we are limitless!

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Unmatched Fire

Stephanie Galloway

Stephanie Galloway is from Santa Fe, New Mexico. She has been writing poetry since she was a child and still loves to explore the magic in words and their power to touch others deeply. She taught art to children as the Children Zone Leader of the Rail Yards Market and is the founder of Free Art Friday Albuquerque.
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