Free Art Friday

Free Art Friday: Art Is Revolutionary

Art Is Revolutionary by Stephanie Galloway

Free Art FridayArt has the power to create positive social change because of its ability to motivate people to action through invoking strong emotions about an issue. When people see art they can feel a strong connection to it which inspires them to stand for a cause they believe in. For example if you think about protest images, poetry, and songs they are strongly associated with Free Art Fridaypolitical movements. The art of protest posters and marching songs play a central part in most revolutionary change that has occurred in society.

Art is a strong voice for change that people can connect and identify with because it takes a revolutionary idea and helps others to more clearly visualize it! Art can move people to be active participants in the democratic process which makes it more people centered! So make art and be a positive force for change!
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Unmatched Fire

Stephanie Galloway

Stephanie Galloway is from Santa Fe, New Mexico. She has been writing poetry since she was a child and still loves to explore the magic in words and their power to touch others deeply. She taught art to children as the Children Zone Leader of the Rail Yards Market and is the founder of Free Art Friday Albuquerque.
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