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Free Art Friday: Art Drop

By Stephanie Galloway

There is a certain freedom and excitement that comes with doing a Free Art Friday art drop. After making a piece of art and you get ready to let go of it there is a freedom in not being attached to what will happen to it. There is questions you ask yourself like: Will someone find it? Will someone like it? But once you do it a couple of times you become more comfortable with not having guaranteed answers to these questions.

Art DropAnother thing you think about when doing an art drop is where would be a good spot to leave it. I usually pick a spot that has heavy foot traffic so it has better chance of being found but it is always fun to leave in an unsuspecting place that will surprise someone finding it too. The element of surprise and unknowing of the outcomes is the exciting part.

I do have hopes for the art when I put it out in a public place to be found and that hopes are that it will brighten the day of the person that finds it and gives a message that art has a place in the everyday lives of people in the community. We are all artists and have creativity to share and I hope Free Art Friday Albuquerque encourages people to make art and be an active participant in bring more art into their community because art is empowering and helps to build a strong community!

Stephanie Galloway has been featured as Community Publishing‘s Guest Poet, find her work by clicking here.

Unmatched Fire

Stephanie Galloway

Stephanie Galloway is from Santa Fe, New Mexico. She has been writing poetry since she was a child and still loves to explore the magic in words and their power to touch others deeply. She taught art to children as the Children Zone Leader of the Rail Yards Market and is the founder of Free Art Friday Albuquerque.
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