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The Glassman

Credit: Sal Gomez

Dan “TheGlassman” was born as Daniel Louis Garduno from Pomona, California, is an artist, a musician, and overall a humanitarian. He became a rooted transplant to New Mexico after moving here in 7th grade. New Mexico has become home and the Kosmic Center and Circle for “The Glassman!” “The Glassman” gets his name from blowing glass for 20yrs locally here in NM. The name followed him to the stage as well where he is the front man, singer/guitarist for local revolutionary band Element37.

The platform “The Glassman” represents is humanitarian based. Backed by faith and longing to walk a similar path as Jesus, “The Glassman” walks his path of life sharing knowledge and wisdom with anyone willing to listen or in need of positive impact and influence.

Humanitarian Concepts

Currently “The Glassman” is involved with many social injustices and political agendas. He’s a member of many groups involved in making positive changes for all humanity such as Food is Free Project, where members convert their front and back yards into gardens to grow enough food to share it for free with others in need!

Part of this project is educating the masses on genetically modified organisms also known as GMO. What they are and how to avoid them…. getting back to organic living and Getting Back To Nature! Spreading free knowledge and information just is what “The Glassman” accomplishes on a daily basis by creating and sharing videos demonstrating simple, easy, and convenient ways on how to grow food and how we can basically become self sustainable and live naturally off the grid again by using methods of recycling and upcycling on his YouTube Channel, GlassmanTV.

At the Yards

The Glassman

The Glassman’s Work. To order please click on image and specify which piece you would like.

In the summer of 2014 he became involve in a local volunteer based project called the Rail Yards Market, here in Albuquerque! This is where he worked side by side with Community Publishing Co-Founder Alex Paramo who suggested “The Glassman” start an open public blog focusing on all this knowledge and the many projects he has expertise on. Getting Back To Nature is now being created specifically for this reason through the Community Publishing website.

Click Here for the Back to Nature  articles (archive).

“The Glassman” will be posting more blogs and ideas as well as hosting many workshops on Self-sustainability, urban farming/agriculture, windowsill gardening, composting, upcycling, self water planters  and grow beds, solar passive heating, collecting and purifying rain water, mass heaters and rocket stoves, papercrete, hemp cement, and so much more throughout 2015!

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