Unmatched Fire

Guest Poet: Stephanie Galloway

Unmatched Fire by Stephanie Galloway I did not recognize you from the inside Because I am used to seeing you closed up All shiny with TVisms Channeling your energy into a box To be gifted to any gal with a birthday But I am on the other side of that Only one journal entry away […]

Free Art Friday: From the Ordinary to the Extraordinary

Art Delivers Us From the Ordinary To The Extraordinary by Stephanie Galloway Art making is one of those activities that gives us the ability to observe our daily life experiences and see how they are connected to the bigger picture that makes up the entire Universe. Much like the act of looking at the night […]

Art Drop

Free Art Friday: Art Drop

By Stephanie Galloway There is a certain freedom and excitement that comes with doing a Free Art Friday art drop. After making a piece of art and you get ready to let go of it there is a freedom in not being attached to what will happen to it. There is questions you ask yourself like: […]

Free Art Friday

Free Art Friday: Art Is Revolutionary

Art Is Revolutionary by Stephanie Galloway Art has the power to create positive social change because of its ability to motivate people to action through invoking strong emotions about an issue. When people see art they can feel a strong connection to it which inspires them to stand for a cause they believe in. For […]

Stephanie Galloway

Free Art Friday: Art Connection

Art Connection by Stephanie Galloway The act of making and sharing art is a powerful way of bring people together to make human connections. A piece of art can start conversation and stimulates thought among people, building a way to communicate on a deeper level. Art gives us questions to ponder and an open space […]

Art Eyes

Free Art Friday: Art Eyes

Art Eyes by Stephanie Galloway Ever since I started Free Art Friday Albuquerque I see the city I live in in a different way. As I explore the city I see the places I go to as art opportunities! Every space seems to hold the potential for leaving art in for someone to find. Bus […]

Free Art Friday: Your Art Makes the World A Better Place

Your Art Makes the World A Better Place by Stephanie Galloway People often wonder what they can do to make a positive difference in the world. One way to make the world better is sharing art! Art can bring a smile to people’s faces and let them know that they are loved! When someone finds […]

Art Heals

Free Art Friday: Art Heals

Art is a Healer by Stephanie Galloway It is important for the well-being of society to have positive outlets of expression. Art gives people a way to process their emotions and experiences and share them with others in a manner that makes them feel like they are part of that society. When people make and […]

Free Art Friday: Art Speaks Through Anonymity

Art Speaks Through Anonymity by Stephanie Galloway It is easy to get caught up in ego when it comes to a desire to be recognized for our art and get caught up in the race to become known and famous. In this process of art getting attached to a name we can forget that art […]

Art Finds a Home

Free Art Friday: Art Finds a Home

Art Finds a Home by Stephanie Galloway When someone finds a piece of art that was shared by an artist on Free Art Friday and gives it a place in their home it is a true honor. Our daily living space is meant to be a colorful place that inspires us and nurtures creativity. One […]